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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Who Am I?

I created this short little white board video to help you get to know who I am. I'm updating the site but do leave me a message below the video if I can help you be your best and most. Cynthia

Would you like white board videos created for your site as the one above but even better.
Let me know. I'd love to create for you!
Click the Button Below to Contact Me

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Would you like to know how to:
-How to  Create PR Articles 
That Get Your Business Noticed-



Webinar Presentation  and Q&A with Kerri Walker our #BizRocks PR Expert

Sign up and Join this awesome Webinar

-What you’re going to learn-

1. Create titles to get your writing or story noticed

2. How to find topics you can confidently write about

3. Tips for writing and how to get published

4. How to get hold of a magazine’s features lists

If you don't think this is for you please share with someone you think may benefit. 

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Labor Day: Honoring Small Business

Today I hold up small businesses across the U.S. and the world for that matter.
Here in the U.S. government has made the business that loves what they do have to navigate cumbersome obstacles.
Let's support our small businesses this year.
Thank you, 
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Facebook Domination with Jo Barnes:Grow Your Business

Today I'm sharing Jo Barnes 'Facebook Domination' Course

If your marketing and engaging your business on facebook you know facebook keeps changing the rules faster than a gazelle can run. I've been working with Jo Barnes over the last year and she has cracked facebook ads and keeps cracking it. You might even be thinking,"forget it, facebook doesn't work for business". I have to tell you it does. It does take hard work but not necessarily sleepless nights to get the job done. 

Let me ask you, Where else are you going to promote your business? Blogging,Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin are vital places we need to be utilizing but think about the millions on facebook we only need to learn to reach and keep tweaking until we do so.

 I strongly encourage you to keep reading what Jo has to share. She's amazing and has some of the best teaching
to get the job done.

If you like what you read and think you'd like to give this your all, scroll down to the bottom and click, "Buy Now".
Jo's guarenteed a money back refund if you don't like what she's offering you. Also she just updated the Facebook Domination in keeping up with changes with facebook.
In my estimation, if your willing to do the training, work with and go forward, implementing what you learn,
you won't go wrong.

How I Generated 3766 New Likes & 1082 New Subscribers in Less Than 3 Weeks

And More Importantly - How You Can Do It To!

Hey there

I'm Jo Barnes, the founder of Online Marketing Addicts and one of the biggest challenges I've had in my business over the last few months is this:

"How could I continue to build my brand, my reputation and ultimately make sales using Facebook despite all the recent changes and huge dip in organic reach?"

The audience is there I know it. I mean there's 7 million people on FB, surely my target market is out there somewhere, but how do I get to them? How do I get my posts, my updates, my page under their noses?
And how do I do it without:
  • Spending all day & night on Facebook
  • Posting 25 times a day
  • Posting quotes or memes or pictures of fluffy cats all day long
  • Revealing the inner secrets about my life
  • Losing my shirt on FB Ads, when I'm not even sure I'm going to reach the right people anyway!
Sound familiar?
Well it turns out neither you nor I are alone.
Everyone is asking the same questions! And with a significant amount of frustration I may add!
Come on Facebook, help a small business owner out here!

The Solution

Well… I'm super excited to report I've cracked it!
As someone who has been using Facebook very successfully for over 4 years now I've seen many changes. But the most recent ones have been the most dramatic, changing the way we need to use Facebook forever.
Quite simply Facebook is no longer free.
To build your business effectively and to see results you will need to advertise, but here's the good news.
I can show you how to build your brand and generate leads for $5 / $10 a day and make a profit at the same time.
That's what I'm now doing every single day of the week.
In fact over the last 3 weeks, I've generated 3766 new likes on a new business page, 1082 new subscribers & $2634 instant sales with daily campaigns that are only costing me between $5 - $20 per campaign.
So before I show you how, let me very briefly give you a bit of background so you know who you're talking to!

My Credentials

My name as I said above is Jo Barnes, I started using Facebook in August 2010, back in the days when it was free and fairly easy to build a page, a brand and a subscriber list without using any advertising.
Over the period of about 8 / 9 months, I built a 20,000 something strong FB Fan Page, around 18,000 email subscribers and launched a membership academy which generated me over $100k in only 7 days. All using FB as my main marketing tool.
Since then over the last 4 years I have continued to use FB as my No 1 lead generator, all the while building a strong brand (as The Social Networking Academy), a large responsive email list and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales.
I do all of this from laptop, while traveling around the world with my family. In the last 18 months alone we've lived in and visited Phuket, Cairns, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Bali, Penang, Hong Kong, Spain & the Gold Coast.

All made possible by running my business 100% online.
Online Marketing Addicts is a brand new venture for me and is still in it's infancy which is why I wanted to give you a bit of background. So you can be sure that I walk the walk, and don't just talk the talk!

So what am I doing right now to build my new brand which you can duplicate and achieve similar results?

The 3 Step System

Here's what it looks like:
This is a simple 3 Step method which:
         1. Builds My Audience (Likes)
         2. Builds a Relationship with My Audience (Engagement)
         3. Converts my Audience to Leads and Sales (Conversion)
At any stage in the process my target market can enter into my Instant Sales List Building Funnel which ensures I make a daily profit from any and all of my campaigns.
What I love about this setup is, it's EASY!
Anyone can do this.
Rather than relying on authority and credibility (which takes time to establish), this is based on:
having the right content and the right offer, in the right place, in front of the right people, at the right time and with the right incentive.
There's a lot RIGHT with this! :)

Real Results

Let me show you some results recently achieved by members of my community:
As you can see, this works for anyone in any industry.

I would love to help you achieve similar results which is why I created:

Facebook Domination

Here's what's included

Module 1 - Beginners

Creating Your Lead Generating Page

Session #1 - Back to Basics

Session #2 - Lead Generating Content

Accompanying Training Videos

Module 2 - Intermediate

How to Grow Your Audience, Build Engagement & Attract Conversions

Session #3 - Understanding FB Ads

Session #4 - Optimising FB Ads

Accompanying Training Videos

Module 3 - Advanced

Monetizing Facebook

Session #5 - The Instant Sales Funnel

Session #6 - Optimising Your Instant Sales Funnel

Accompanying Training Videos

I want to make this decision super easy for you, which is why you also get



  • Brand New Video training course showing you step by step how to build an instant sale list building funnel
  • How to create the easiest optin funnel in the world even without hosting or a server
  • How to create a blockbuster compelling free offer in less than a day
  • How to craft a killer 6 day email follow up sequence (swipes included - just copy and paste)
  • Finding or creating 'Instant Sale' products in just a few hours
  • and much more...

Bonus #2- Facebook Landing Page Templates


  • 50+ Ready made background templates. Just add your own text, logo, videos or images and away you go
  • 500+ Downloadable graphics for use anywhere on the web
  • Full integration with all major autoresponders for easy list building
  • Iframe capabilities to add complete pages to FB
  • Timeline cover creator & contest app Included
  • and much more…

Bonus #3 -'Members Only' Community

VALUE Priceless

  • Hands on support from myself and my team (we're in the group daily!)
  • Tips & tricks on the latest FB marketing strategies and money making experiments
  • Feedback on landing pages, Facebook pages, funnels etc
  • All your questions answered
  • and much more…

Let me make this decision even easier for you

As with all my products it comes with a full 'no questions asked' 60 day money back guarantee!
If at anytime for whatever reason you just feel it isn't for you all you do is contact me on our support desk and we'll refund your money quietly, immediately and stay friends!


This is a no brainer.

Here's what members of my training have to say

I had been trying to crack the IM code for a while until I came across Jo Barnes and I have bought many shiny objects in my time and I began to think the industry was saturated and full of rogues trying to drain you from every last cent. However Jo has restored my faith and proved with the right niche and following exactly what she teaches,that even I a mere hairdresser can have success. I followed her FB Domination instructions to the letter and my FB page hit 1200 likes in two weeks. I have just popped back to check on my page whilst writing this testimonial I have had another 10 likes, I can't believe it! You will never need another course because she over delivers and leaves nothing out! Well worth every penny and more!
Sharon FailiWest Sussex, UK
Jo Barnes has created the best FaceBook for Small Business course I have seen. Jo has set out on her site as easy to use video training. Each module packed with resources and tips. I practically enjoyed the How to set up a FaceBook like campaign using FaceBook Ads and the use of The FB Power Editor. It is Awesome Content and so valuable for all small Business Owners. Well done Jo Barnes.
Mike DunnerQueensland, Australia
This course has been so amazing. I hardly ever used Facebook and now I know how to use it to increase my reach for my business, optimize my spending on advertising and create killer sales funnels and follow up emails. Jo is an amazing teacher and so willing to share her experience with us so we can all profit from it. Keep up the good work!
Lynn James ApplegateTexas, USA

Buy Now Button


P.S. Don't let fear hold you back. You CAN do this and you WILL do this with my help and guidance. Make it easy on yourself and jump on board now and let me help you!

Thank you
Jo Barnes

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Senior Citizen's Scams that Affect the Whole Family from Emisoft

Top 10 senior citizen scams that affect the whole family

Scams are plentiful on the current internet landscape, and people of all ages find it overwhelming to dodge these digital bullets. Users over the age of 50 have an especially difficult time keeping their identities and bank accounts safe, as they may find that all of the practical sense they have developed over the years to spot scams in real life just don’t translate on the internet.
Statistics back this up: according to researchers, individuals over 65 are 34% more likely to have lost money in a scam than people in their forties.26994779_s

Popular internet scams affect the whole family

Scammers know how vulnerable older generations can be on the web, and they take advantage of unsuspecting victims everyday. This can cause stress not just for seniors, but also for their entire family unit. Younger generations may also be fearful of how vulnerable their parents or grandparents are to internet fraud.
This dilemma is often caused by a lack of communication: older generations may not want to share potential issues or ask certain questions out of embarrassment. Similarly, their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews may not want to insult them by asking if they need help spotting scams.
Man assisting with computer
Just like you’d ask your friendly neighbor about a good gardening tip, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for help.
But indulging this sense of propriety can be dangerous. Financial information and personal assets may be put at risk, and the victim’s whole family can suffer from these loses. Additionally, if an older family member isn’t practicing the right safety online, they may accidentally compromise the identities of their loved ones.
One simple misstep increases the likelihood that victims will be put on “sucker lists” that are sold on the black market and will be targets for future scams.

Internet fraud that targets seniors

The following list describes the most common scams that target seniors in the contemporary digital landscape, and how to avoid them.
1. Social Security Scam
Tens of thousands of seniors in the US have fallen victim to this new social security scam. Scammers create legitimate online accounts with the social security website and redirect payments to their own personal accounts. With over 59 million Americans receiving social security benefits in 2014, this scam targets many individuals’ primary source of income.
Social Security Scam
Never share your social security details with anyone, ever.

2. Funeral Invitation
As we reach more mature phases of life, we anticipate more loved ones and acquaintances passing away. Internet con artists take advantage of this sad fact of life and send out fake funeral invitations to lure in older individuals. When the victim sees the email, they click a link or open an attachment to learn the name of their deceased friend/acquaintance. Then malware attacks their computer and steals sensitive information that can be sold to cyber criminals or used immediately to steal money.
Funeral Scam
It is cruel, but scammers don’t care about your feelings. Be careful when opening any attachments. (stock: pixabay.com)

3. Work at Home Scams
Everyone is looking to make an extra buck here and there, and seniors are no exception. Often older members of a household may want to contribute more to family finances, but this noble mission can end poorly for those who respond to fake advertisements. If it seems too good to be true, requires specialized training, or asks for “training” money, it is most likely run by a scammer looking to get access to an unsuspecting victim’s bank account (or even some free labor).
Home office Scam
Working from home is very attractive not only to seniors, but also stay-at-home moms and individuals with limited mobility and resources.

4. Lottery/sweepstakes Scams
Since older internet users may be less experienced than their younger counterparts, they may easily fall for a sweepstakes scam, often in the form on an email informing them they have won some kind of prize (usually money). The email will ask for funds to release the prize money or sensitive personal information to allegedly pay taxes or bank fees.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5. Fake Online Pharmacies
Seniors have more ailments, and as result, potentially high medical bills depending on the country they reside in. Other times they struggle with mobility and transportation. Either of these issues makes using an online pharmacy a tempting option. However this need makes the elderly  vulnerable to fraudulent online vendors. This can be confusing for many people, not just seniors, because legitimate online pharmacies do actually exist. But according to the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) 96% of online pharmacies operate outside of existing legal structures, and “fuel prescription drug abuse and misuse.”
There is a thin line between cheap and fraudulent. (stock: pixabay.com)

6. Sweetheart Scam
Many older individuals suffer from loneliness. In England alone, over 61% of all people over the age of 75 live alone. It’s natural for older internet users to turn to dating sites and social media to alleviate this loneliness. Unfortunately, this also increases their risk of falling for a “sweetheart” scam. These cyber criminals lure in their victims with a prospect of love, usually through many back and forth messages. These fake “sweethearts” ultimately exploit the victim’s pocketbook, asking for funds to come and visit or to buy basic necessities. People have reported being scammed up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Love makes us happy, but it can also make us blind for fraud.
Love makes us happy, but it can also make us blind when it comes to fraud. (stock: pixabay.com)

7. Grandparent Scam
This is an old trick that preceded the internet: an alleged “grandchild” calls from a noisy location, telling the grandparent in question that they are in trouble and need money immediately. Nowadays, this can also come in email form. Criminals even going so far as to accurately assume the identity of the victim’s grandchild or family member and claim the matter is incredibly urgent. Desperate to help their beloved, this stops internet users from thinking twice about sending money.
Grand parent Scam
Don’t let scammers tug at your heartstrings. Always call your loved ones before sending them money. (stock: pixabay.com)

8. Investment Scams
The only person getting rich is a successful scammer.
While investments made online have become increasingly popular, so has scamming people with get-rich-quick and Ponzi schemes. These can take the form of professional looking ads, websites, and videos that detail how other individuals have made their fortune this way. Other times it will come in the form of an email from a trusted source, like a family member or friend. Unbeknownst to them, their email account has been have hacked and a scam artist is utilizing it to lure unsuspecting victims into paying large sums of money they will never see again.

9. Fake Check Scam
Fake check Scam
There are lots of trusted platforms that enable you to securely send and receive money for your goods. (stock: pixabay.com)
The internet can be a great place to sell that old couch or elliptical machine, but you should be wary of the offers you receive. When an unsuspecting victim puts something up for sale on the internet, they may be impatient to rid themselves of the listed item and make some quick cash. Unfortunately this is when scammers strike, offering the lister a cashier’s check that’s often made out for more than the agreed upon price. The victim will pay the scammer the difference only to find out later that the check is a fraud. Seniors are more likely to fall for this scam because they trust older forms of payments like checks over secure forms of internet-based payments.

10. Charity Scams
Looking into the eyes of a poor child makes it hard to say no or think straight… (stock: pixabay.com)
Charity scams are old news in the realm of telemarketing, but are their increasing presence online is a cause for concern. Seniors should be wary of any emails that ask them to contribute to a charity, even if the associated website and materials appear legitimate and well designed. Most federal governments have lists of registered charities, and the representative in question should be able to provide a registration number or ID that can be cross-referenced with the appropriate national registry.

Protecting yourself from Internet scams

Reading about all these scams may have you thinking that you should just turn off your computer for good! But protecting you and your loved ones from over hundreds of internet scams is just a matter of taking a number of simple precautions:
  • Set up financial accounts online with a trusted family member
  • Create complicated, un-memorizable passwords for all of your accounts
  • Install trustworthy anti-malware
  • Always learn the whereabouts of your family when you suspect their identity has been stolen
  • Be wary of “officials” contacting you stating they are from a financial institution or the government
  • Never open an attachment from an unidentified source
  • Be suspicious of emails, ads, and websites that offer you money in exchange for personal information or an upfront payment
  • Learn what precautions to take when dating online
Scams can bring lots of stress to your entire family, but they don’t have too. A combination of adopting the habits listed above and communicating regularly about your safety concerns can significantly reduce your exposure to internet fraud.
Just remember, a healthy dose of suspicion goes a long way. Not everyone is trying to take advantage of your trust online, but few things are worth the risk.
Have a great, scam-free day.

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